In this segment, we highlight some of our services specifically geared to helping start-ups succeed.

One of the biggest challenges in starting a new business, is making sure that you do things right the first time.  Business is risky, mistakes are costly and once action is taken, it is often difficult, if not impossible to fix problems, or recover lost opportunities. 
We offer 2 levels of start-up service, Basic and Advanced to help our clients succeed. Here is a selection from both levels:
Basic service: (applicable to most start-ups and small businesses)
  • We evaluate your business idea (due diligence and risk) and qualify your business for launch
  • We advise on selection of entity type (Partnership, LLC, S Corp, C Corp etc.)   <this is difficult to fix if you get it wrong

  • Validate new entity with State and get EIN from IRS

  • Apply to the IRS for S Corp status for you (where applicable)

  • Do your taxes and tax planning

Advanced service: (more complex issues for larger start-ups)

  • We prepare and/or test the business plan (vision, SWOT, financial projections etc)

  • We work out resource needs (productive assets and people) and funding strategy (amount, source and cost of capital)

  • Work out a launch strategy, timing and logistics

  • Advise the owners and help then solve problems.

  • Provide CFO services, owner accountability, financial reporting and business result evaluations.

Whether you are starting a simple business or a complex one, contact us for a free consultation. We would be happy to help you think through your critical issues, without any cost or obligation.